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Safety posters:

These safety posters are only a small sample of what we have. Many more are available. We can custom design safety and awareness posters to meet your specifications. SASM knows what the business place needs and can supply your company with posters that will educate, inform and keep your staff entertained with colourful messages.

Choose from our selection below or send us a custom message with the designs you would most like to see on a health and safety poster. Some of the designs focus on the following:

Packing Your Tools Away In The Correct Place Terrible accidents occur on a daily basis because there are many who do not care to pack away their dangerous tools � saws, hammers, blowtorches and other pieces of industrial equipment can maim, even kill. Place one of our posters in your workshops to remind your employees of their duty to everyone else's safety.

AIDS awareness:

In a country like ours, with the highest AIDS statistics in the world, it pays to know what the facts are when it comes to AIDS.
Drinking and driving:

There are consequences to idiotic behaviour, such as grievous injury, jail time and death. The statistics are well-known, and the results of drinking and driving equate to serious issues, every time. Always nominate a friend to drive for you in the event of intoxication. This goes hand in hand with always keeping your seatbelt on.

A workplace free of drugs and alcohol:

Intoxication by drug use or alcohol at work is an instantly dismissible offence; therefore posters warning your employees of this infringement will keep them on the straight and narrow, so to speak.

Fire safety:

Preventions of chemical and electrical fires in the workplace can be avoided if one applies common sense and issues fire extinguishers to their workforce. These posters can be used as helpful reminders to keep your employees safe when they handle devices that could possibly become fire hazards.

For further information and a design that you can be proud of, contact for your poster needs. Our health and safety signs are ready to make a difference in your place of business!