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Vortex SA Launch
Victaulic Launches New Hybrid Fire Suppression System in South Africa

Victaulic, the leading global producer of mechanical pipe joining and fire protection systems, has announced the South African launch of the Victaulic Vortex® Fire Suppression System, an FM-approved hybrid nitrogen and water solution which rapidly extinguishes fires with no toxic chemicals and minimal disruption to ongoing operations, protecting mission critical applications with nearly zero presence of water and no need for room integrity.

Vortex utilizes water and nitrogen in a combined suspension to both cool the hazard area and remove the oxygen that sustains the fire using high velocity and low pressure. A swirling distribution fills the hazard space at 64 km/h / 40 MPH and quickly extinguishes the fire with little to no water presence.

“The Victaulic Vortex system provides an innovative, safe and effective fire protection solution for data centres, combustion turbines, large industrial process assembly lines and machinery spaces,” comments Barry van Jaarsveld, Victaulic Regional Manager Africa. “The unique hybrid technology releases water droplets of around 10 microns in size, eliminating any appreciable wetting of equipment or surrounding space. These ultra-fine water particles feature a heat-absorbing surface area 90 times greater than those generated by standard sprinklers.”

The Victaulic Vortex system extends the boundaries of existing technologies providing protection and fire suppression with limited residual moisture, no toxic chemicals and full design flexibility. The system can be utilized in a sealed or open space with no requirement of room integrity and can be rapidly reset after discharge to minimize facility downtime.

Additionally, the system seamlessly integrates with alarm and detection systems as well as facility security technology, and unlike other technologies that use toxic agents, can activate immediately upon detection of a fire without having to wait for evacuation.

Building owners and operators of information technology spaces, as well as power, manufacturing and other industrial operators, will benefit from the system’s flexible self-contained design, minimal water presence and economical recharge, immediate activation and no need for room integrity. The technology involved is 100 per cent sustainable and its homogenous suspension discharge is identified by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a suitable replacement for Halon 1301.

“Victaulic Vortex is an FM Class 5580 Hybrid (water and inert gas) Fire Extinguishing System,” concludes van Jaarsveld. “In approving the system, FM created a category specifically for Vortex because the system could not be classified within the approval agency’s existing boundaries. This product will have a major impact on the fire protection market in South Africa.”

The Victaulic Vortex 500 Fire Suppression System is designed specifically for information technology areas such as data rooms and server spaces.

The Victaulic Vortex 1000 and 1500 Fire Suppression Systems are designed for industrial applications, including power, automotive, and oil and gas.

Vortex systems are FM Class 5580 Hybrid (water and inert gas) Fire Extinguishing Systems. Installations covered by FM certification include:
• Machinery space applications such as oil pumps, oil tanks, fuel filters, generators, transformer vaults, gear boxes, drive shafts, lubrication skids, diesel engine driven generators and other similar machinery using fuel and/or lubrication fluids with volatilities less than or equal to light diesel.
• Special hazard machinery space applications such as internal combustion engines or other equipment using fuel and/or lubrication fluids with volatilities less than or equal to heptanes, and incidental use or storage of limited quantities of flammable liquids of not more than two 208L (55 gallon) drums.
• Protection of combustion turbines in enclosures.

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