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Securing access at Bowmans head office

Bowmans is a leading Pan-African law firm with a 100-plus-year track record of providing specialist legal services, both domestic and cross-border, in the fields of corporate law, banking and finance law and dispute resolution. With six offices in four African countries and over 400 specialised lawyers, the company has extended geographical reach and provides a high level of legal services.

The company’s upmarket headquarters in Sandton required an access control solution that would allow the secure but fast movement of pedestrian traffic through its reception area. Coupled with this, the solution needed to seamlessly complement the company’s aesthetics, lending a feeling of sophistication and modernity.

Craig Sacks, MD of Turnstar, says that four Turnstar Speedgate Express Lanes and two special needs gates were provided to Bowmans to quickly and efficiently expedite the company’s high numbers of pedestrian traffic flows.

Speedgates, also known as a wing gates or flap gates, have cabinets constructed from 304 grade brushed stainless steel. The unit is 3D designed with precision laser-cut components and is hand-made with expert welding and polishing for a superior finish. The wings, which retract into the cabinet, are manufactured from 8 mm CNC toughened glass to ensure extended durability.

Direct motor mount technology eliminates any linkages and bearings which are prone to failure, thereby enhancing the sustained reliability of the Speedgates. An optical safety sensor array ensures that safe passage of pedestrians is a given, while the sophisticated anti-tamper and anti-tailgate detection enhances security levels by disallowing more than one person to pass through the gate at a time.

Catering to the needs of wheelchair bound employees or visitors, or pedestrians pushing pushchairs or prams, Bowmans elected to install special needs gates. These gates, which feature a semi-automat door closure are designed for medium level use.

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