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A green revolution for your business
An easier way to enter a building and a proven means of regulating temperature, Turnstar revolving doors can reduce a company’s carbon footprint.

A building’s entrance: the first encounter a client has with your company. Attention to detail can help create a lasting first impression and reflect on your environmental awareness.

Consider revolving doors, the only doors that are always open… and closed. Having revolving doors at the entrance to your building not only regulates foot traffic making it easier to screen those who enter, it also allows you to create a more environmentally friendly company. This is because revolving doors limit the volume of air that passes through your building entrance. According to studies, revolving doors allow eight times less air to pass through a building than hinged or sliding doors do.

This not only reduces your carbon footprint and energy usage, it also lowers air conditioning and heating costs which more than compensates for any energy costs involved in running automatically powered doors. “One person using a revolving door in cold weather saves enough energy to run a 60-watt light bulb for 23 minutes!” says Practically Green. Not only do revolving doors save energy, they also limit the release of harmful carbon dioxide. Through the use of revolving doors, internal temperatures are also regulated increasing the comfort of those inside the building (and limiting the entry and exit of cold and hot air which can contribute to those dreaded flu epidemics).

Invented over 100 years ago, before “going green” became a corporate concern, revolving doors were originally seen as a way to protect buildings from the elements. It’s only in later years that their extended value was discovered. Aside from limiting your carbon footprint, revolving doors also help block out noise and traffic pollution. For architects, revolving doors can also help make buildings appear larger and more impressive as those entering the building first view it from a confined (but pleasant) space. For busy executives, revolving doors also help limit the chances of a painful (and embarrassing) collision.

Security issues are also addressed through the use of revolving doors. By limiting the amount of people who can enter a building at a time as well as ensuring that their movements are limited, the likelihood of a fleeing robber escaping is also minimised. The chances of unauthorized entry to a building are also reduced especially when revolving doors only allow one person access at a time. Yet revolving doors are also designed to make building entry a more seamless process.

So whether you’re a company looking to go greener, or an environmentally conscious architect or property developer, make sure to look into installing revolving doors.

Turnstar, a Johannesburg based company specialising in physical access control products offers a range of ATLAS automatic and manual revolving doors with custom design options specifically crafted to meet your particular needs.
Manual revolving doors are available with fixed wing and emergency exit wing options, increasing the safety of your building and come with a two year guarantee. Automatic doors come with a two year mechanical guarantee and a year electrical guarantee. Both options which combine sleek design with functionality also provide an elegant portal to your building.

For more information on Turnstar's range of products visit: www.turnstar.co.za

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