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Polycomp (Pty) Ltd
Polycomp (Pty) Ltd
Polycomp (Pty) Ltd
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Since 1985 PolyComp has been one of the leaders in LED displays within the market. We manufacture and design high quality custom video screens and LED signs for just about any industry. Using proven technology and techniques we are able to design our displays with longevity in mind, ensuring that our clients can rest at ease knowing that their display will last for years to come. At ploycomp we give you cost effective options without compromising on quality.

Downtime is kept to a minimum thanks to our service department which repairs and maintains PolyComp displays, efficiently and quickly.

Product Range:
  • Outdoor and Indoor Electronic Clocks, successfully used in traditional billboards and shopping centre entrances.
  • Exchange Rate Boards (Forex Boards, used at banks and other financial institutions) LED & LCD options available.
  • Cinema Showtime Displays.
  • Custom Designs for architectural enhancements, ideal in Malls and Sculptural applications.
  • Production and Efficiency Displays (Factories keep workers informed of production output performance and other information).
  • Religious Displays (Mosques and Churches use our displays to display times and events, or even Chorus Words).
  • Safety Displays (Improve Worker Safety by creating awareness on injury statistics in the work industry, used by mines and heavy industry.
  • Passenger Information Displays (Used at Airports, Train Stations, Bus Stations etc, to keep passengers informed on departure and arrival times).
  • Parking Systems.
  • Variable Message Signs (Used on roads and Highways to keep drivers informed of possible traffic issues).
  • Electronic Scoreboards.
  • Scrolling Message Signs (Normal Text Displays).
  • Queue Management Systems.
  • Large Video Screens (Electronic Billboards).
PolyComp also assists those with unique requirements and custom designs to suit your individual requirements offering you a flexible alternative to what is readily available on the market.

Polycomp (Pty) Ltd Polycomp (Pty) Ltd Polycomp (Pty) Ltd Polycomp (Pty) Ltd Polycomp (Pty) Ltd