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Laman Resources and PMSA create building blocks for the future
Laman Resources is able to supply low-cost housing projects with thousands of concrete building blocks per day, using equipment manufactured by Pan Mixers South Africa (PMSA).

06 April, 2011: Laman Resources has cemented its reputation as a leading manufacturer and supplier of building and construction material, by making use of an exclusive range of machinery supplied to the company by PMSA, Africa’s leading manufacturer of concrete block, brick and paving machinery.

Laman is a resource-based manufacturing company that currently operates six quarries in the Eastern Cape, where it mines speckled dolomite to be crushed into an aggregate, which is subsequently used for the manufacture of ready-mix, bricks and blocks.

Laman Resources manufacturing manager Theunis O’ Kelly points out that the company predominantly converts the aggregate into M140 concrete blocks for the low-cost housing market, by making use of two PMSA VB4-X block-making machines.

“Both VB4-X machines were installed on-site in the brickyard last year, and have proven to be highly-reliable in an extremely-challenging working environment, where they are run for ten-hours-per-day, six-days-per-week. Thanks to the strength and reliability of the machines, Laman Resources is able to achieve an output of 60 000 blocks-per-day, which has placed the company in a highly-competitive position,” he explains.

O’Kelly notes that Laman Resources operates in a remote location, under challenging circumstances. “Laman Resources is located in hostile terrain, about 20 km from Umtata. This has resulted in a number of logistical challenges when transporting the machinery to the site. What’s more, heavy rains in the region can last for days on end, creating exceptionally muddy conditions that further limit access to the site,” he continues.

Despite these challenges, O’Kelly points out that PMSA’s after-sales support and service has been dedicated and unrivalled. “The service provided by PMSA is excellent, and the sales team has proven to be extremely competent. Despite our remote location and associated logistical challenges, I have the peace-of-mind of knowing that should a problem occur, PMSA will commit to ensuring that I am provided with a solution on the same day, regardless of location and weather.”

PMSA director Walter Ebeling points out that the company continually strives to improve its customer service and support. “I would like to take the opportunity to thank Laman Resources for its faith in PMSA, which employs a number of specialist staff, who are dedicated to all aspects of the plant. In addition, PMSA has a large spare parts stock holding, with fast turnaround times for parts and service delivery, in order to ensure that customers remain successful, competitive and productive. “

Laman Resources was established in 2010 in partnership with the Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA), Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) and the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI). The company has a total of 200 employees, and processes more than 1 200 tons of dolomite per shift.
O’Kelly notes that Laman Resources sets itself apart from its competitors, as it sources and mines all of its own materials that are used in the manufacture of building products. “Laman Resources provides a cost-effective solution to the building and construction industry by sourcing all of its own products. In addition, the reliability and strong output capabilities of the PMSA equipment has ensured that the company’s production facilities are able to run interruption-free, and to full-capacity.”

Looking at the year ahead, O’Kelly points out that the South African housing market is looking strong, and that the majority of Laman Resources’ revenue will come from RDP projects in the Eastern Cape. “RDP housing is the biggest development that will be taking place in the Eastern Cape, with thousands of new homes due to be constructed during the course of 2011. Laman Resources is well-positioned to be the prime supplier to the industry - owing to the company’s cost-effective manufacturing process, and the fact that it can produce higher volumes of material in shorter lead times than its competitors.”

O’Kelly concludes by adding that he is confident that Laman Resources can achieve significant growth during the course of 2011, and he notes that the company will turn to PMSA as its supplier of choice when purchasing additional equipment.

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