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Strainers are used in almost every industry to protect equipment and to ensure product purity.

We can manufacture strainers to the finest micron. We have a cost effective design that is used in applications where the flow is least interrupted. The strainer is installed in a pipeline to remove unnecessary solids from fluids or gases. Straining is accomplished by directing the fluid through a basket where debris is trapped on the inside of a screen element and clean fluid flows through the outlet. Our basket strainers are available in standard or custom designs. Fabricated designs can be manufactured from existing patterns or foundry capabilities. This series can be custom designed to our customers’ needs.
 Our capabilities extend to cast iron, carbon steel, stainless steel, CN7M, stellite.
 We can provide hard facing for valve components using stellite or other high alloys.
 Refurbishment of valves often necessitates the welding of components.
 Welding can be supplied with full certification.
 Our Heat Treatment Furnace handles up to 1200°.
 NDT results are provided on request.

Options Available
 Mesh lined baskets
 Numerous materials of construction such as stainless steel, copper nickel, Monel, aluminium bronze and more.
 Vessel design for high pressure and temperature.
 Inlet & outlet connections at right angles or offset configuration, reducing piping cost.
Standard Design
 Fabricated steel body with bolted style cover.
 Available in various perforations and materials.
 All strainers are hydrostatically tested to 1.5 times design pressure.
 Top hat and conical strainers.
Foot valve strainer kits

Standard Design Features
 In-line connections.
 Flanged strainers
 Compact, lightweight fabricated vessels.
 Angle basket design with a low pressure drop.
 Large capacity basket.
 Heavy duty basket design for a long life.

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