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Heat Treatment Furnace
The oven is designed for preheat of specimens before welding; It is also designed for stress relieving.

. It has a maximum operating temperature of 1000 degrees C. The furnace is designed such that there is direct contact between the heat source and the product. It has electrically powered ceramic elements that require up to 2 kW of power to generate the heat required. The oven is equipped with a calibrated control panel and digital read out, this allows for variable settings on temperature and temperature monitoring. The oven is fully cladded and lined with lagging, this allows for minimum external heat displacement. The oven does not have a door, it operates on a top hat system where the entire top cover elevates, this allows for a maximum size on the specimen being put in.

Specific specifications are:
• Power requirements: 50 amps at 115 VAC, 60 Hz
• Temperature Range: 100-1100°C max, 1000°C max recommended
• Internal dimensions: 2.5m L X 1.5m B X 2m H

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