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(CNC) lathes are rapidly replacing the older production lathes (multispindle, etc.) due to their ease of setting, operation, repeatability and accuracy.

They are designed to use modern carbide tooling and fully use modern processes. The part may be designed and the tool paths programmed by the CAD/CAM process or manually by the programmer, and the resulting file uploaded to the machine, and once set and trialled the machine will continue to turn out parts under the occasional supervision of an operator. Kira valves and Engineering has decided to purchase its first CNC lathe in order to keep up with the current technological demand.
The machine is controlled electronically via a Fanuc computer menu style interface, the program may be modified and displayed at the machine, along with a simulated view of the process. The setter/operator needs a high level of skill to perform the process, however the knowledge base is broader compared to the older production machines where intimate knowledge of each machine was considered essential. These machines are often set and operated by the same person.
The machine is equipped with turrets which holds the multiple tool holders and indexes them as needed, the spindle holds the work piece and there are slides that let the turret move in multiple axis simultaneously. This machine is totally enclosed to reduce occupational health and safety (OH&S) issues.
With rapid growth in this industry, different CNC lathe manufacturers use different user interfaces which sometimes makes it difficult for operators as they have to be acquainted with them. With the advent of cheap computers, free operating systems such as Linux, and open source CNC software, the entry price of CNC machines has plummeted.[citation needed]
Standard Specification:

Maximum swing dia. 580 mm.
Swing over saddle cover dia. 400 mm.
Max. turning dia. dia. 350 mm.
Standard turning dia. dia. 254 mm.
Max. turning length 600 mm.
Max. workpiece weight 230 kg.
Chuck size 10”.
Bar capacity dia. 65 mm.

Hole through draw tube dia. 66 mm.
Hole through spindle dia. 76 mm.
Spindle bearing dia. dia. 120 mm.
Hydraulic cylinder 10”
Spindle motor type Fanuc aiP22/6000[AC/Wide-Range/Const. Output]
Motor output [Cont.] 11 KW.
Spindle speed range 40-4,000 rpm.
Spindle full output speed 500 rpm.
Spindle torque [Peak] 350 N-M.
Machine weight 4,000 kgs.

Standard Accessories:
• Hydraulic system.
• Automatic lubrication system.
• Coolant system. [1/4hp pump].
• Work light.
• Fully enclosed protective guards.
• X/Z axis way covers.
• Chuck open/close foot pedal.
• Cycle stop alarm light.
• RS232 input/output connector.
• Tool box & tool package.
• Chip conveyor side discharge.
• Manual tailstock with auto quill.
• Strong 10” power chuck with one set hard & soft jaws.

Fanuc OiTD CNC Control.
Controlled Axis:
Max. Controlled axes [NC axes] 4.
Max. Spindle Controlled axes 2.
Interpolation Function:
Linear Interpolation.
Circular Interpolation.
Feed rate Override.
Jog Feed rate Override.

Tool Function:
Tool Offset [Pairs] 32.
Tool Geometry / Wear Compensation.
Tool Noise Radius Compensation.

Program Function:
Background Editing.
Canned Cycles.
2nd Reference Position Return.
Cycle Start/Feed Hold.
Chamfering/Corner R.
Optional Block Skip.
Absolute/Incremental Programmable.

Other Function:
Graphic Display.
Run Hour and Parts Count Display.
Dry Run.
Emergency Stop.
Backlash Compensation.
Status Display.
Unexpected Disturbance Torque Detection.
Operation / Alarm History Display.
HRV Control HRV3
Help Function.
Colour LCD Display.
HSSB Connection to Intelligent Terminal.
HSSB Connection to Personal Computer.

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