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HELUKABEL® is your one-stop solution provider for cables, wires and cable accessories in the United States. Our wide range of UL/CSA approved cables and wires includes: flexible tray cable for both stationary and flexing applications, high-flex robotic cable for continuous flexing applications, VFD/servo cable, and network bus cable.

An extensive product portfolio, containing over 33,000 line items, can be used in a wide range of market segments and industrial applications. With a centrally located warehouse in Chicago, IL, combined with a vast global network, HELUKABEL® can deliver your order within extremely short lead times.

Industrial Cables and Wires
  • Flexible control cables.
  • Data and computer cables.
  • Drag chain cables.
  • Motor, servo and feedback cables.
  • Heat-resistant cables.
  • All-weather and rubber cables.
  • Trailing cables and robot cables.
  • Water-resistant cables.
  • Flat and ribbon cables.
  • Single Conductors.
  • Compensating cables and coaxial cables.
  • Internationally approved cables.
  • Sensor, actuator and distributor cables.
  • Airport cables 400 Hz and truck cables.
Custom Cables
  • We produce cables and wires for both standard applications and custom solutions to meet customers' individual and application-specific requirements.
Pre-Assembled Cables
  • SIEMENS drive systems.
  • REXROTH drive systems.
  • LENZE drive systems.
  • SEW drive systems.
  • HEIDENHAIN drive systems.
  • Robot cables.
  • Connecting cables.
  • Extensions/supply cables.
Solar Panel Cables
  • Solar cables.
  • Pre-assembled solutions.
  • Components.
  • Cable accessories.
  • Tools.
  • Cables and wires.
Cable Accessories
  • Cable glands.
  • Conduits.
  • Cable tracks.
  • Insulating, shrink, braided and high-temperature tubes.
  • Termination and connection sleeves.
  • Bundling, binding and fastening.
  • Identification and marking.
  • Ferrules and cable lugs.
  • Tools.
  • Signal and power connectors.
Infrastructure Cables and Wires
  • Building cables.
  • Telephone and fire warning cables.
  • Power cables, security cables and medium-voltage cables.
Data, Network and Bus Technology
  • Fiber optic cables.
  • Copper data cables.
  • Bus cables.
  • Copper connecting equipment.
  • Fiber optic connecting equipment.
  • Network system cabinets
  • Splicing systems and measuring equipment.
  • Active components.
Spiral Cables
  • PVC spiral cable.
  • PUR spiral cable.
Wind Turbine Cables
  • Torsion cables.
  • Tower and infrastructure cables.
  • Control cables.
  • Data cables.
  • Single conductors.
  • WTTC-rated, UL/CSA approved.
  • Communication cables.
  • Cable accessories.
Shipwiring and Marine Cables
  • Ship power cables.
  • Marine telecommunication cables.
  • Ship wiring.
Media Technology
  • Audio and light.
  • Connecting equipment.
  • Video.
  • Power cables.