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New Range of AKO Pinch Valves
Bulk Technik News

AKO has released a new range of pneumatically operated pinch valves. Essentially they are based on the previous V/VF range, however, the new VMC range of pinch valves has the added advantage of having more connection types. The VMC range of pinch valves can be ordered as flanged (SABS, ASA), threaded female socket, threaded male nipple, weld on or clamped. This makes the valves extremely versatile and can b used for almost all types of process connection.

The new VMC range of pinch valves are available with either aluminium or stainless steel bodies, while the process connections are also available in steel while there are 12 different types of sleeves available to suit the medium being conveyed.

The design of the pinch valves has also been improved, thereby reducing air consumption and making the replacement of worn sleeves much simpler. These can easily be changed without the need of any special tools.

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