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Dust control and cement plant
Bulk Technik News

Dust Control with SWR Engineering

Bulk Technik can now offer the complete range of dust emission and flow control instruments that SWR Engineering has developed. This German based company was founded in 1994 and has developed a wide range of instruments for measuring product and dust flow in pipes and ducts. They have a wide range of applications from measuring dust in exhaust ducts, filter bag dust detection, flow measurement in pneumatic conveying systems both for dense and dilute phase systems.

Cement Plant Port Elizabeth

The recently installed bulk cement storage terminal has been successfully commissioned. The terminal consist of 3 x 320 t silos that will be receiving cement with railway tankers. These will be off-loaded via a Fluidstat conveying line which has a horizontal distance of over 30 m and a vertical lift of 25 m. The silos have all been fitted with reverse jet filters and continuous level measurement.

Cement will then be loaded from these silos into road bulk tankers, which is parked on a weigh bridge. The central silo is fitted with a telescopic loading spout that is lowered onto the road tanker to allow dust free loading. An air slide from each of the two outer silos can feed cement to the loading point, thus allowing any of the three silos to fill the road tanker.

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