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Bulk Technik was established in 1988 and has been servicing South Africa and its neighbouring countries.
The company's main area of expertise lies in the field of materials handling of dry product. More specifically, the key technologies include: lime slaking plants, pneumatic conveying (dense and dilute phase), screw conveyors, bulk storage silos.

We offer our customers extensive expertise in the listed fields of materials handling and engineering.We supply economic solutions that help our customers attain sustained success and competitive advantages.

Our main areas of expertise include:
  • Pneumatic conveying: dense and dilute phase systems with our proven Fluidstat, Fluidschub or Taktschub technologies.
  • Pneumatic conveying accessories: long radius bends, barrel bends, drop boxes, feeding tees, venturis.
  • Bulk storage silos and mini silos ranging from over 500 t to as small as 1 ton.
  • Silo discharge equipment - mechanical vibrating bin dischargers, aeration systems, pneumatic hammers, knife gate valves, rod gates, telescopic tanker loading spouts.
  • Silo safety devices - over and under pressure safety flaps, explosion panels.
  • Silo dust handling systems and filter housings.
  • Screw conveyors - tube and trough type, both for heavy and light duty industries with capacities up to 100 t/h.
  • Dosing screw feeders for feeding product from as little as 2 kg/h to over 600 kg/h.
  • Lime slaking equipment for producing lime slurry with up to 6 000 kg/h CaO powder.
  • Lump breakers.
  • Air slide conveyors.
  • Rotary screens.
  • Bulk bag systems - filling and de-bagging, suspension beams.
In addition to the equipment designed and supplied by Bulk Technik, we are also an agent for the supply of AKO pinch valves as well as Storz couplings. Bulk Technik is the distributor of the SWR Engineering range of dust and flow measuring instruments. These include:

AirSafe: Continuous ambient air dust monitoring.
DensFlow: Flow measurement for dense phase conveying.
Dusty: Low-cost broken bag detection.
FlowJam: Bulk flow detection.
MaxxFlow HTC: Flow measurement for dry bulk solids.
M-Sens: Online moisture meter for solids.
ProGap: Microwave level detection.
ProSens: Dust measurement.
SlideControl: Flow monitoring for air slides.
SolidFlow: Monitoring of solids.
SpeedFlow: Measurement of velocity of solids.