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Victaulic - mechanical pipe joining systems, bolted mechanical couplings - Ezee-Dex Online
Since 1919, Victaulic has been at the forefront of mechanical piping systems innovation, providing numerous patented piping related products that are in use today in multiple markets around the world. And they all stem from one basic concept; the original grooved end mechanical pipe joining system and a steady stream of innovation from Victaulic. The Victaulic grooved end piping system is the most versatile, economical and reliable mechanical pipe joining system available.

By specifying and installing Victaulic, engineers, owners and installation contractors conserve time and financial resources through:
- Compressed project schedules
- Lowered total installed cost
- Safer work environment
- Reduced system downtime

Benefits of the grooved systems:

- System maintenance and expansion
- Noise and vibration attenuation
- Seismic stress absorption
- Alignment ease
- Flexibility
- Rigidity

The Victaulic pipe-joining system is created by cold forming or machining a groove into the end of a pipe. Pipe sections are connected by a coupling which houses a resilient, pressure-responsive elastomer gasket that creates a leak-tight seal. The bolts and nuts are tightened, securing the coupling housings together and the key sections of the coupling engage the groove on each pipe-end, creating a strong, reliable joint.
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