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At Valve Specialists, we have been serving South Africa's process control industry since 1989. Our sales team is a group of highly trained and experienced consultants, who have a collective total of a hundred years of involvement in the field of valves and process control. We feel extremely confident to your enquiries with friendliness and efficiency and you will find that our strengths extend beyond merely supplying valves. Our consultants will recommend valves for service duties, or even source and supply replacement valves or spares, whilst offering our valued customers the benefits of saving on two very precious business commodities, time and money.

Valve Specialists has grown steadily since inception in 1989, to the extent that we currently import and stock a vast range of valves and actuators. Our overseas valve suppliers are well established businesses in their individual fields of valve design, valve manufacturing, testing and their continuous development of products and technical support, together with trusted business relationships, gives us much confidence for future growth.

Our organisation currently supplies to the sugar milling, pulp and paper, food processing, chemical, petroleum & oil, mining, water treatment and power generation industries and includes amongst its clients a number of blue chip companies, throughout the country and the African Continent. We are a 100% black owned and managed enterprise, with a level 1 BEE rating.

In 2008, Valve Specialists was one of the first local companies to be awarded the new revised ISO 901:2008 certification. We are pleased to have achieved a level of business commensurate with our well proven reputation for quality and service and our quality management programme further endorses this position.

We thank you for taking the time to review the products shown in this catalogue and trust that you will derive as much satisfaction from finding a suitable product, as much as we hope, as we have had in the compilation of the technical and illustrative information. Should you need further data on products not listed here, please send us an e-mail request and we will make every attempt to assist you.

Your comments on this publication are also very valued, as we are always striving to improve.

Gate Valves:
  • GA1- Brass Gate Valve Screwed.
  • GA2 -Cast Iron PN10 Gate Valve Non Rising.
  • GA3-Cast Iron PN10 Gate Valve Rising.
  • GA4-Ductile Iron PN16 RSV Valve.
  • GA5-Cast Steel CL150 Gate Valve Flanged.
  • GA6-Forged Steel Gate Valve CL800 Screwed.
  • GA7-Cast Iron PN16 Knife Gate Valve.
  • GA7A- Actuated Knife Gate Valve.
  • GA8- ST ST Knife Gate Valve.
  • GA9- ST ST Gate Valve Flanged.
Check Valves:
  • CH1- Brass Swing Check Valve Screwed.
  • CH2- Brass Spring Check Valve Screwed.
  • CH3- Bronze Lift Check Valve.
  • CH4- Cast Iron PN16 Wafer Duo Check Valve.
  • CH5- Cast Iron PN10 Swing Check Valve Flanged.
  • CH6- Cast Iron PN16 Swing Check Valve Flanged.
  • CH7- Forged Steel CL800 Check Screwed.
  • CH8- Cast Steel CL150 Swing Check Valve Flanged.
  • CH9- St Wafer Disk Check Valve PN40.
  • CH10- SS DD Wafer NRV.
Butterfly Valves:
  • BF1- Cast Iron PN16 Wafer Butterfly Valve Lever.
  • BF1A- Pneumatic Actuated Buterfly Valve.
  • BF2- ST ST Butterfly Valve.
  • BF2A- Pneumatic Actuated ST ST Butterfly Valve.
  • BF3- High Performance Butterfly Valve.
Actuators & Accessories
  • ACT2- Electric Actuator.
  • ACT3- Pneumatic Positioner.
  • ACT4- Electro-Pneumatic Positioner.
  • ACT5- Limit Switch Box.
  • ACT6- Namur Solenoid.
  • ACT7- Actuator Mounting.
  • ACT7A- Pin Adaptor.
  • ACT7B- Mounting Bracket.
  • ACT8- Positioners, Limit Switch & Namur Pilot.
  • ACT9- NEW V Torq Actuator.
Globe Valves:
  • GL1-Bronze Globe Valve Screwed.
  • GL2-Cast Iron Globe Valve CL800 Screwed.
  • GL3-Cast Steel PN40 Globe Valve.
  • GL4-Cast Steel CL150 Globe Valve Flanged.
  • GL5-Forged Steel Globe Valve CL800 Screwed.
  • GL6-Stainless Steel Actuated Angle Seat Valve.
Ball Valves:
  • BA1- Brass Chrome Plated Ball Valve.
  • BA2- Cast Iron Ball Valve Threaded.
  • BA3- St St 1 PCE Ball Valve 1000 W.O.G.
  • BA4- St St 3 PCE Ball Valve.
  • BA5- St St 3 PCE Direct Mount Ball Valve.
  • BA5A- Pneumatic Actuated 3PC Ball Valve.
  • BA6- St St 3 Way ball Valve.
  • BA6A- Pneumatic Actuated 3-Way Ball Valve.
  • BA7- ST ST 2PC Ball Valve Flanged.
  • BA7A- Pneumatic Acuated 2-Pce Ball Valve.
  • BA8- Cast Iron Ball Valve Flanged.
Steam Valves:
  • ST1- Bronze Y Strainer.
  • ST2- Cast Iron Y Strainer Flanged.
  • ST3- Cast Iron Safety Valve.
  • ST4- Cast Steel Blowdown Valve.
  • ST5- Bronze Blowdown Valve.
  • ST6- ST ST Relief Valve Flanged.
  • ST7- Cast Steel Safety.