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IGS offers industry specific solutions to many of the environments causing mission critical equipment to degrade and fail in refinery and petrochemical plants, offshore rigs & platforms, pulp and paper mills, and fossil, biomass and waste to energy power generation facilities.
power gas
Coal Power Oil & Gas Pulp & Paper
IGS's solutions help keep the world's largest fossil fuel-fired power plants online and running at maximum availability with surface protection and restoration solutions that address problems of erosion and corrosion. Provides corrosion and erosion protection for critical processing equipment within the petrochemical and refining industries. IGS provides solutions to address operators' problems within many of the critical boilers and pressure vessels used in the pulp and paper manufacturing process.
  biomass mining  
  Biomass & Waste to Energy Metals & Mining  
  As a global leader in surface protection solutions, IGS is highly active in assisting owners and operators of biomass and waste-to-energy power equipment to achieve maximum availability through Metalspray. IGS is uniquely qualified to deliver innovative mining restoration and maintenance technologies to the mining industry.  

IGS is the best in the world at protecting energy and power equipment.

IGS is in the business of protecting metal surfaces. Our technology extends run times and improves operations by eliminating costly equipment down time. We do this by upgrading the metallurgy of equipment to enhance its corrosion and erosion resistance as well as thermal properties when it's taken offline during planned shutdowns or before it's commissioned.

We also have unique capabilities to repair, clean, and inspect many vessels while they are at operating temperature. Our customized application equipment, proprietary materials, deep knowledge base, and dedicated service team combine to keep our customers operating efficiently and reliably.