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  At Roving Specialised Maintenance Services (Pty) Ltd, we specialise in cleaning and maintaining large mining equipment, conveyor belts, roof support and plants on site. This saves our clients money, increases their productivity and enables them to concentrate on their core business.

Why Maintenance?

  • Reduced maintenance expenditure.
  • Reduced Downtime due to efficient maintenance.
  • Increased profitability and production.
  • Reduced number of people.
  • Improved plant and equipment reliability and productivity.
  • Better health and safety.
  • No labour issues.
Maintenance might not win you new customers, but it's critical to determining plant integrity, reliability and availability. It also has a significant impact on health, safety and the environment as well as a massive influence on your running costs. The bottom line is maintenance influences your company's profitability and ability to compete.

Our Fuss-Free Philosophy

Prioritising maintenance does not necessarily mean that you have to be more involved. In fact, the opposite may apply.

We take responsibility for this vital element of your operations, challenging the way that your plant and equipment operate and introducing best practices - all so that you concentrate on your core business.

Our specialist teams will assist with your planned maintenance or we'll deploy full time maintenance personnel to look after your equipment. Our services also include the development of maintenance plans, execution, monitoring and maintenance reporting.

We are at the forefront of the move from reactive maintenance, through planned and preventative maintenance, to where a very proactive stance on equipment care is now possible, thanks to advances in equipment monitoring and analysis tools.

Our People

Our highly competent labour force comprises of mine captains, shift bosses, miners, qualified artisans and assistants with years of experience in taking care of various types of underground mining equipment. We are committed to creating an environment in which our diverse employees may develop. We also reward those who demonstrate outstanding performance, commitment and initiative. We care for the well-being of all our employees, contractors and clients - a fact that is reflected in our approach to safety and health management and remuneration. Their appreciation is demonstrated through loyalty and diligent work.

Our Services

We offer the following specialised underground mining maintenance services:
  • Equipment monitoring and maintenance scheduling.
  • Corrosion monitoring and controls.
  • Mechanical and electrical repairs.
  • Equipment lubrication.
  • Equipment overhauls.
  • Maintenance and cleaning services on mines.
  • Building of conveyor belts.
  • Maintenance and cleaning of conveyor belts.
  • Roof supporting.
  • Maintenance on all underground equipment.
  • Cable installations.
  • Specialised technical labour (millwrights, fitters, electricians, boilermakers, miners, shift bosses etc).
  • Substation maintenance.
As each client is unique, we tailor our services to their specific needs. And, with a partnership approach in mind, we strive to serve with the utmost integrity while employing technological innovation to provide a world-class service.

Permanent teams
We provide long-term maintenance personnel according to client needs.

Leave and relieve
We provide experienced maintenance personnel to relieve existing staff whilst on leave.

Roving teams
We provide highly skilled teams to service underground equipment at scheduled intervals. This is particularly useful where clients' permanent teams do not have enough time to perform all the required maintenance tasks on a given day.

Our highly structured, integrated approach has been successfully applied in the mining and related industries. Our customers have achieved major savings in annual maintenance expenditure, as well as improved productivity through increased plant and equipment availability.

Specialised labour

We provide highly skilled and specialised labour, including:
  • Millwrights.
  • Boilermakers.
  • Fitters.
  • Electricians.
  • Diesel mechanics.
  • Miners.
  • General workers.
Training and Development

Our qualified and highly skilled personnel also assist by providing on-the-job training and development which we have found to be the most efficient and effective method of training. Since the training takes place on the job, it is realistic and no additional transfer of learning is required.

Safety, Health, Environment

We are committed to ensuring that our people are trained and competent in their respective fields. We work hand in hand with our clients to ensure that our people attend and obtain the required induction and training at the different operations. We believe that accidents can be prevented by proper risk identification and that every task can be undertaken in a safe way.

We provide our people with the required personal protective equipment and ensure that they are qualified, competent and medically fit to do their work.

We also believe that it is possible to reduce our impact on the environment by changing the way we work. We adhere to our clients' environmental policy and standards and strive to minimise the pollution through the way we work, actively participating in waste management on site.

Our Rates

Our rates are calculated, taking the following into account:

- Workman's compensation.
- Skills development.
- UIF.
- Applicable bargaining council levies.
- Medical aid.
- Pension fund.
- Leave pay.
- Sick leave.

Some of our Clients: