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CE Certificat of Compliance
We specialise in compressor and vacuum systems for a wide range of applications and industries. Bareshaft pumps are imported. Each system is specifically tailored to meet our customers' requirements using Autocad/Inventor software. Our packages are assembled in our Meyerton factory and then shipped to site.

Competitive advantage

We have an advanced edge over our competitors with regard to understanding and supplying vacuum systems. Having access to the best liquid ring vacuum equipment manufacturers in the world allows us to provide reliable solutions and to support.

Distribution channels

New installation packages are built in South Africa with certain bareshaft pumps being imported and all auxiliary equipment locally sourced. Pumps/compressors are performance tested to ensure the requirements of our customers are met, and then shipped on completion of the package assembly and inspection.

Viability of the products and services

Process Vacuum ensures a comprehensive service which is based on in-depth knowledge of your industry and applications. The expertise is held in our highly focused applications team; a central applications group and a regional network of applications specialists. ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company manufacturing superior quality conical ported liquid ring vacuum compressor systems and replacement parts.

  • Liquid ring vacuum pump filter operation.
  • Liquid ring vacuum pumps.
  • Liquid ring compressors.
  • Engineered systems.
  • Chemical dry pumps.
  • Ejector systems.
  • Dry rotary van vacuum pumps.
  • Mechanical steel degassing.
  • Automatic ladle gas coupling systems.
  • Rotary vane oil pumps.
  • Mechanical boosters.
  • Liquid ring vacuum pumps and compressors.
  • Chemical dry pumps.
  • Ejector systems.
  • Mechanical booster systems.
  • Engineered systems.
  • LRVP repairs and spares.
  • On site performance testing.
  • Vacuum system surveys.
  • Field service.
  • Specialized coating systems.
  • Vacuum system training.
  • Commissioning.
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Automatic Ladle Gas Coupling System Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Filter Operation Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps Liquid Ring Compressors Engineered Systems