Physical Address:
Unit 22 Eco Square
298 Witch Hazel Avenue Highveld
South Africa
Telephone Number:
+27 (0)12 003-1020
Fax Number:
086 605-7763
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NTL Lemnis Africa
Electrical Reticulation Cabling Lighting - Lighting Contractors - Architectural Lighting - Backup Lighting - Flameproof Lamps Increased Safety - Led Lamps Sealed - Lighting Fittings Explosion Proof - Mine Lamps Led - Vandal Proof Luminaires - and more!
NTL Lemnis Africa
The Power of A Promise - Bringing Sustainable Lighting Solutions within Reach

A simple promise that is the backbone of an organization dedicated to making energy efficient lighting solutions accessible to all. NTL Lemnis is an organization that has just the right DNA to deliver this promise. While globally organizations struggle to find the right mix of design & operational excellence that can bring LED lighting products to the masses, NTL Lemnis has already breached the volume barrier.

A Marvel in Design

In a world of look a likes, the LED products of Pharox stand out from the crowd. But the difference does not stop at the aesthetics of the products. The Pharox range reflects the organizations uncanny attention to small details which bring out excellent product performance. It is not by chance that each product can be seen as a replacement of a conventional lighting product. Consumers get the benefit of direct replacement with the same light output, but saving considerable energy and getting the benefit of improved light quality.

Futuristic Technology at work

NTL Lemnis embodies the future of technology. Products are developed keeping longer horizons in mind. From the ideal light output for an application to bringing out the most optimum performance from the driver, every product epitomizes the outlook of the organization.

R&D - creating the next generation

Behind the organization stands the R&D, the backbone of the organization. With a strength of over 35 engineers dedicated to bringing the best lighting solutions in the LED space, the organization is always looking towards the onwards at the next set of products. The team understands all aspects of lighting, electronics, mechanical, optics and thermal capabilities, leaving nothing to chance. The next generation of lighting products� A never ending objective.

Global Scale Operations

Working on a scale of operations unheard of in LED products, NTL Lemnis is creating new benchmarks in manufacturing. With in-house manufacturing capabilities which begin from driver manufacturing and go up to complete product assembly, the company stands apart not only on manufacturing scale but also its unwavering faith in processes.

Vertically Integrated

NTL Lemnis is the amalgamation of a unique array of strengths. The organization brings together capabilities in the fields of product design, manufacturing and a reach to the market and offers the end product to consumers � products that promise to change the way lighting is perceived globally.
NTL Lemnis Africa