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The design of our services is to introduce to our clients the means to achieve Nirvana by offering our clients a fast, efficient and proficient service.

This corporate portfolio intention is to acquaint you with the various services available from Nirvana Business solutions.

The Emergency Medical Services in South Africa are always consistently criticised by the media about the ever- rising incidents of delayed response to emergencies. The very nature of our society is responsible for this dilemma, but there is a solution for this. By ensuring that we have people trained in the working/home environment in basic first aid and basic firefighting skills, we can make the difference between life and death. A further consideration should be the training of employees in health and safety issues to prevent problems before they arise.

Our management team has more than 11 years' experience in the emergency medical services,occupational health and safety, risk advisory services and training industry.

Nirvana Business Solutions are accredited with the following governing bodies:
  • Department of Labour - CI553
  • Construction Education Training Authority- 5P53568
  • Transport Educations Training Authority-TETA11-191
  • Board of Health Care Providers- Practice Number-011 000 0305073
  • Local Government Sector Education and Training Authority (LGRS-1239-141212)
  • Nirvana Business Solutions BEE recognition is 100% Level (2)
Certificates available on request.

Nirvana Business Solutions services are:
  • Nirvana Business Solutions Training Academy.
  • 24 Hours medical response and medic's for sport events .
  • Emergency personnel placements, security services and emergency vehicle.
  • Solutions equipment retail and rental services.
  • Health and safety implementation.
  • Occupational health care services.
  • Real life first aid and fire simulations.