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Metso Automation Rsa (Pty) Ltd - Supply of process control valves, process analysers, control systems & information management systems to industry, Control Valves, Process Analysers, Management systems - Ezee-Dex Online
Metso IQ
Neles RotaryGlobe
Neles ND9100

Metso Automations Field Systems division is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high performance control valves, on-off valves, process analyzers, management systems, intelligent devices and accessories for the pulp and paper, energy, hydrocarbons, chemical and mineral processing industries. The head office and manufacturing facilities are based in Finland.

Metso is a global supplier of sustainable technology and services for mining, construction, power generation, automation, recycling and the pulp and paper industries. We have about 29,000 employees in more than 50 countries.

Metso is made up of a global pool of highly dedicated people working closely together to ensure our customers success. People with the outstanding, expertise, commitment and drive to make profitable advancements, reach new heights in service and deliver real results.

Our people around the world are located close to our customers, in order to understand the forces that shape their business realities. This empowers us with unique insight to create effective solutions that increases the productivity and environmental quality of our customers operations.

We believe that the measure of our worth is in the results we deliver to our customers. This is why we do not compromise on our service and customer offerings. We utilize our deep technological competence and industrial knowledge to deliver cutting-edge solutions and services designed to make a real and sustainable difference to business.
>  Finetrol rotary plug valves
>  R-Series segment ball rotary control valves
>  Neldisc high performance butterfly valves
>  Top5  heavy duty rotary control valve for high dp applications.
>  MBV full and reduced bore modular ball valves
>  D-Series trunnion mounted, full bore, fire safe ball valves
>  E2 and E6 series ceramic ball valves for highly erosive applications

>  B1C and B1J pneumatic cylinder type actuators for on-off and control service
>  EC and EJ patented double diaphragm actuators for on-off and control service
>  Quadra-Powr II spring diaphragm rotary actuators, ideal for low supply pressures


>  ND800 digital valve controller for optimum control accuracy
>  NE700/NP700 electropneumatic and pneumatic positioners
>  NK/NI/NT700 limit switches


>  NelesValvGuard safety management system for ESD/ESV valve monitoring
>  Field Browser system for predictive maintenance of control valves
>  ValveManager tools for diagnostics, testing and configuring control valves
The aim of automation research and development at Metso is to create technology and services that make our customers get more out of their processes while minimizing the environmental impact.

We have R&D centers for automation systems and measurements and analyzers as well as for valve products including intelligent valve controllers and software.
>  In process automation solutions research and development our target is to create technology and services that enable
    sustainable and safe energy production with lower emissions, as well as improved operational, energy and materials efficiency in
    industrial processes.
>  In valve technology research and development our target is to create solutions and services that make our customers processes
    more efficient, reliable, cleaner and safer.
In addition to the strategic targets of energy efficiency and minimized environmental impacts, Metsos automation technology builds also on the following principles
>  Innovative evolution to secure customers' investments
>  Ergonomic design and embedded intelligence to assists users to improve efficiency
>  Advanced measurement, control, optimization and simulation solutions to enable customers to reach their goals and develop
    their processes
>  Intelligent reliability and environmental safety to satisfy the industrial safety and security requirements
>  Seamless integration with all major open automation architectures
>  Modular designs to enable flexible and cost effective global manufacturing and assembly, and timely customer deliveries
>  State-of-the-art materials technology
>  Best available general technology - including web and wireless technologies - in products and customer service
Our biggest research centers are located in Finland, China and USA. We are continuously extending our global Rand presence closer to our customers and technology development partners. We are an active contributor in international and various national research networks and programs, such as MITs Industrial Liaison Program and programs supported by the European Union.

There is a very close technology development co-operation between the different Metso businesses. Metsos long tradition in combined machine, process and automation development is the foundation for its position as the technology leader both in pulp and paper as well as energy and hydrocarbon industries. Metso is in a unique position to combine its knowhow in renewable fuelled boilers, measurement technologies, automation systems and recycling solutions, being able to create leading bio-energy technologies and solutions of the future.
Our leading results providing innovations include the following world class examples:
Neles ND9100 - Intelligent valve controller

ND9100 is a top class intelligent valve controller designed to operate on every control valve actuator and in all industry areas.
It guarantees the end product quality in all operating conditions with unique diagnostics and incomparable performance features.

ND9100 is a smart, reliable and future-proof positioner with Metso FieldCare life-time support. Its superior design features and unique diagnostics provide a solid foundation for performance optimisation and proactive maintenance.

ND9100 operates on every type of valve, on all field buses and integrates smoothly into all major control systems. It enables savings during all life cycle phases from engineering and commissioning to operations and maintenance of the valve.

A unique feature of Neles ND9100 is its ability to store information from the valves entire life cycle in its memory, from where valuable valve performance and predictive diagnostics data can be retrieved. In addition, user-friendly and well-guided start-up procedures, combined with a local user interface, make the commissioning of the valve fast and simple.
Neles RotaryGlobe

Neles Rotary Globe is an innovative and revolutionary rotary control valve for wide range of applications providing high standards of performance in terms of flow control accuracy, reliability and safety. Efficiency, high availability and safety of the process are enabled as a standard by features such as low emission packing and simple and modular top entry construction.
Metso Kappa Analyzer
- A qualifighter for uniform pulp
Chemical pulping is a harsh process for cellulose fiber. The pulp makers challenge is to run the fiber line cost effectively, preserving the virgin fiber quality properties for papermaking; the process management without online analyzers and controls is quite difficult.

For almost 40 years, Metsos products have played the key role in the evolution of chemical pulp mill delignification and bleaching controls. Today Metso Kappa and brightness analyzers and the well-known inline sensors provide the standard platform for process optimization and quality control at most of the leading chemical pulp mills in the world.

The new Metso Kappa Analyzer (Metso Kappa Q) launches several new features and measurements to improve the total pulp mill quality management. Metso Kappa Q is a new online analyzer for chemical pulp mills utilizing the newest Metso analyzer platform technologies and measurement capabilities. Metso Kappa Q measures pulp lignin content and brightness faster than ever before. The measurement capacity of Metso Kappa Q is easily expanded by adding measurement modules and sampling points. Furthermore, Metso Kappa Q introduces a new measurement capability - online fiber and shive analysis from cooking up to the finished pulp!
Metso Kappa Analyzer
All-new Metso Paper Lab for off-line and at-line use in paper and board testing

The new-generation Metso Paper Lab Automated Paper Testing Laboratory provides paper and board makers with even more freedom to manage quality. Now paper testing function can be moved from the lab also right out next to the production line. Suitable for testing all grades of paper and board, Metso Paper Lab offers the widest selection of industry-standard tests with over 400 reported properties.

Additionally, Metso Paper Lab is highly modular and scalable, to match individual mill requirements. Available in S, M, L and even XL, Metso Paper Lab is easy to expand and add testing modules as needs evolve. All modules work together as a seamless package to ensure an enhanced level of productivity.
Metso Paper Lab
Metso IQ - a comprehensive approach to QCS

Quality Control Systems and associated profile controls are a critical part of papermaking. Effective QCS today is not only confined to the paper machine but now stretches from stock preparation to the winder. Metso IQ is a comprehensive approach to QCS that integrates process quality management, measurements and profile controls to provide operating personnel with what they need to understand and manage the process.

Since your process and situation are unique, no off-the-shelf solution will provide the optimum performance you need to be competitive. You need added flexibility in all aspects of measurements, controls and results. Metsos expertise and portfolio of proven equipment, applications and solutions are geared towards producing measureable improvements that translate directly to improved profitability.

Improving process performance and product quality is a continuous cycle. Metso IQ provides the complete solution for generating the maximum return from a QCS investment. We also provide the services and the expertise to optimize the performance of your papermaking process by ensuring that your automation equipment contributes to its stability, productivity and your product quality.
Offline variability analysis now online

With faster, flexible and more intelligent scanning capabilities, high speed sensors with high sampling rates, and sophisticated analysis tools, the Metso IQ can generate Fourier bands to identify variations originating in many paper machine elements. Hence, Metso IQ makes standard high resolution offline variability analyses available online. For example, online Fourier bands are now possible using infrared measurements, including the measurement of fiber weight.

Regular online variability analyses can be used to evaluate machine stability, and compare it to industry benchmarks. In the long term, these diagnostics can be used to make regular improvements to the process for better machine efficiency and product quality.
Metso DNA is a single automation system for all functions - process, machine, drive and quality controls. It also covers information management and mechanical and field device condition monitoring. The single system architecture saves on both costs and effort, at the same time ensuring open growth for your future challenges.
Feeling of control

For us, usability means more than a user-friendly user interface. It means all those functions that help operators to fulfill their tasks easily and correctly. Metso DNAs usability is based on listening to customers and gathering real user information.
Scaling along with your goals

Scalable from a single stand-alone controller to mill and plant-wide systems in global organizations, Metso DNA can really support your operations regardless of the mill size. You do not need to invest in over-sized systems. Start with the pieces that best fit into your puzzle - still keeping up high reliability.
Lifelong inspiration... Without expiration

To turn a new page in your mill's or plants history, you dont have to rewrite the entire book. Metso DNA adapts to your lifelong business visions, thus securing your business continuity.
Feeling the reliability

Reliability plays a central role in an automation systems life. Metso DNA helps mills and plants maintain business continuity with proven lifecycle security. To ensure business continuity in concrete terms, Metso DNA features a high security level through redundancies for all essential system components. Extensive diagnostics enable fast detection of disturbances, thus allowing for a feeling of control.
Connectivity to your taste

Openness for dynamic growth is a promise Metso DNA gives and keeps by using a wide selection of industrial fieldbus connections and standard links.

These interfaces provide excellent connectivity to third party systems through standard links, such as OPC, Ethernet and serial links. In addition, they are available for different hardware platforms supporting a wide variety of external interface protocols.
A way of serving

For us, customer service is not just a pile of spare part orders or a handful of plant visits. It is a way of taking care of your business together with you - and a dedication to achieving the best possible results. Our customers are not new deals, but long-lasting and solid relationships. By doing our job properly, we ensure that you can enjoy a feeling of control.
automation system
Scaling along with your goals
Feeling of control
Its in our DNA - the best possible payback
How are you minimizing start-up risks?

Enjoy the results:

with start-up service:
>  Fast ramp-up of production
>  High end product quality
>  Efficient operation and maintenance of valve products

with commissioning support:
>  Minimized environmental and safety risks
>  Reliable technical performance enabling start-up on time

with installation support:
>  Quality procedures and safety regulations fulfilled
>  No costly rework and repair caused by incorrect product handling avoided
>  No delays caused by improper installation tools or wrong practices
Engineering services
Safe and reliable operation is a key objective for any production unit. It is a challenge to make sure that the installed base is covered by the optimal availability of replacement parts and products. At the same time high priority is placed on reducing the inventory value.

How do you define your spare part needs?

Enjoy the results:

with optimized inventory:
>  Minimized capital tied in products and spare parts
>  Minimized production and quality losses due to missing or wrong spare parts

with spare part agreement:
>  Improved ROI of the valve product investment by extended valve life time
>  Savings in spare parts transaction and logistic costs

with Metsos spare parts:
>  Minimized production or quality losses by using genuine spare parts
>  Minimized environmental and safety risks
>  Quality procedures and safety regulations fulfilled
>  No costly rework caused by counterfeit parts
Spare part services