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Advanced techniques heighten performace
In its design offices, Liebherr combines the technological know-how of each area to creat consistent and optimised intergrated systes. Liebherr's electronics, positive control hydraulics, and even the travel motors are designed from the start to be interconnected and generate optimum operating power with fast and fluid movements.

Positive Control hydraulic system
Two working pumps for maximum excavation, travel or swing efficience, provide power to the components involved. Thanks to the positive control system, the combined movements are optimised for each different work operation, whether this be levelling, extraction, loading or lifting, with or without travel.

Particularly fast work cycles
The work cycles of the R 920 are very fast thanks to the large sized transmission components. For example, the uppercarriage's swing drive can quickly reach its maximum speed with a high swing torque.

Operating Pressure
Maximum digging and break-out forces can be reached thanks to the level of hydraulic pressure, without applying temporary overpressure. Maximum forces are therefore guaranteed continuously during the whole working phase to achieve a high level of production. to further improve the machine performances, the equipment speed is optimized through an intergrated regeneration circuit.
  Engine   Undercarriage   Productivity
and flexibility
  • Cummins engine stage
       IIA / Tier 3
  • Designed specifically for
        construction applications
  • Automatic fuel-saving idling
  • "Wastegate" turbo for
        enhanced performances at low
        speed and reduced
  • Robust design for
       greater resistance and a
       better distribution of forces
  • Easy and safe transport thanks
        to intergrated lashing eyes
  • Higher digging and break-out
         forces for increase in
  • New optional pads available in
         700 and 800 mm for more
  • New swing motor for higher
         swing torque speed

  • Less fuel
    Associated with the latest developments in technology and hydraulics, the tried-and-tested 6-cylinder Cummins engine consumes little fuel, both in terms of hours of operation and in terms of tons of material moved.

    Increased productivity
    Clearly enhanced performances and low consumption, combined with the largest fuel tank on the market, all in a comfortable and ergonomic work environment, lead to significant increases in productivity in all operating configurations.

    Electronic power control
    This control system allows the engine power to be effectively and optimally converted, from an energetic point of view, into hydraulic power. this results in greater forces, a faster working speed and a lower fuel consumption.

      Liebherr Lubricants   Liebherr tools   Productivity Modular
    quick-change system made
    by Liebherr
  • Liebherr offers you a full range
        of lubricants and coolants for
       your Liebherr machines
  • Being designed especially for
        your Liebherr machines,
        Liebherr lubricants contribute
        significantly to lowering your
        operating and maintenance
  • Wide range of tools suitable for
        every type of application
  • Tools designed for maximum
        productivity and durability
  • Shape of buckets designed to
        assist the filling and stability of
        bulky materials during the
        transport stages
  • The suitable digging tool for
        every application
  • The optional quick-change
        system pays for itself very
        quickly and your machine
        becomes a multifunctional tool
  • Quality in the smallest details
    Robust and large-sized components, optimal fitting of electrical and hydraulic lines, or an exemplary level of finishing are just some of the many criteria that ensure a maximum quality of manufacture and operability.

    A top-of-the-range anti-corrosion protection
    A pre-assembly painting process guarantees that all painted parts are fully coated. The use of a high-quality paint provides resistance against extreme external conditions.

    Perfect match
    The individual components of the power train such as the diesel engine, gears, swing drive, working pumps and hydraulic cylinders are specifically dimensioned to work toegether in a global means that they are all compatible with each other in a global system, guaranteeing higher reliability and a longer service life.

    Automatic control of functionality
    The operator can entirely focus on his job, because the intergrated on-board electronic continuously performs a comparison with pre-determined target data. eventual deviations from the target parameters are shown on the display.

      Cummins engine   Key technologies
    Made by Liebherr
      Spare parts service
  • Proven reliability
  • Service and spare parts
        available worldwide
  • Optimal utilisation even with
        high sulpher fuel
  • Common rail injection system
       compatible with fuels containing
        a higher level of sulphur, for a
        worldwide use
  • Bio-diesel compatibility
  • Perfect matching of the
        components to construction
        machine operations
  • The electronict components,
        mastermind of the machine, are
        manufactured by Liebherr
  • Main steel components, such as
        undercarriage, equipment
        modules, and slewing
        superstructure, all designed by
  • Any spare parts required are
        available worldwide within 24
        hours. And that means high
        operational readiness of the
        machines, wherever, whenever
  • Over 80,000 spare parts in
        stock at all times
  • Ease of Maintenance
    All the walking areas of the uppercarriage are covered with anti-slid material to guarantee a safe and easy access. The swing gear is greased for life and requires no daily maintenance. The batteries, all filters and most centralized lubrication points are accessible from ground level, ensuring that daily maintenance and checks are quick and easily performed.

    Simplified daily checks
    The daily checks were taken into account from the start of the design, to make them simpler, more accessible and shorter. The optional automatic lubrication system reduces precious servicing time while guaranteeing optimal lubrication of the excavator.

    Longer service intervals
    The frequency of the service intervals is optimised to guarantee that each part is operating optimally and that the maintenance operations are only performed as necessary. Wether it is the interval for changing the hydraulic oil, which can be up to 3,000 hours, or the interval for changing the engine oil, every 500 hours, everything has been taken into account to reduce the frequency of interventions and thus limit the machine's downtime and reduce costs.

    Expert advice and service provisions
    Liebherr offers an expert advice service. Qualified personnel will help you make the appropriate decisions to meet your needs: sales discussions based on the application, service agreements, advantageous repair alternatives, original parts management, and remote data transfer for fleet management.

      LiDat data
    transfer system
    to service areas
    lubrication system
  • Complete fleet management,
        all from one source
  • Optimized economical
        performance of the machine
        park thanks to detailed view of
        the distribution of operating
        states and times
  • Reports on capacity
        commitment and the use of the
        machine park can be called up
        daily via the Web portal
  • Precise location of the machine
  • regional delimitation and fixed
        service times increase safety
        and reliability
  • Access to batteries and filters
        from ground level
  • Access platform to engine oil
  • The manuel central lubrication
        system (3 points), fitted as
        standard, allows for daily
        lubrication of elements and
        reduction of machine
  • The optional automatic
        lubrication system provides only
        the required amount of grease
        to the various components and
        increases their lifetime. It
        avoids spillage and waste, and
        quickly pays for itself

  • A first class work space
    In this cab, the operator benefits from a high-quality mechanical suspension seat, an enlarged space and a very comfortable working environment. Depending on the operator's needs, the "Comfort" seat can be selected as an option. This seat offers maximum comfort thanks to its air suspension, serveral horizontal and vertical settings, as well as its adjustable pneumatic lumbar support. It is especially designed to meet the most challenging comfort requirements of operators, in all working situations.

    Low noise level and vibrations
    To diminish fatigue at work and increase productivity, the accoustic power inside the operator's cab is one of the lowest on the market. The cab mounted on viscoelastic rivets to fully absorb the excavator's vibration and actively participate in reducing external noise.

    Uncompromised visibility
    The very large glazed surface area and minimal area of frames guarantee optimal visibility from the operator's platform, as well as a wide emergency exit from the rear window for the operator's safety and peace of mind.

    Ergonomic proportional joysticks
    The proportional joysticks are very finely tuned controls for the sensitive, accurate and fluid operation of the machine. This type of control is ideal for a machine used in avariety of applications.

      Touch-screen display   Heightened visibility   Optimal temperature
  • 7-inch touch-screen with
        colour display
  • Wide range of adjustment,
        check and monitoring
  • Automatic fuel-saving idling
  • tough, reliable design (sealing
        tightness class IP 65)
  • Optional rear view monitoring
        camera, for optimal visibility
        and heightened operating
  • Optimized design of the whole
        uppercarriage providing the
        operator with an improved field
        of vision
  • Front windshield fully
        retractable into the roof, with
        or without lower glass panel
  • Secure emergency exit through
        the rear window
  • Enhanced air-conditioning
        system providing improved
        cooling performances
  • Optional dark tinted windows