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KROHNE - Suppliers of measurement and control instrumentation for the primary fields of flow, level and density


Suppliers of measurement & control instrumentation for the primary fields of flow, level & density.

About us

KROHNEThe name KROHNE stands for innovation, reliability and high-quality products. For more than 10 years Krohne has been the distributor in South Africa and the rest of Africa for Labom, Hycontrol and PTL Herman. As the world‘s market leader for electromagnetic flow meters we‘ve been impressing our customers in the process industry for nearly 90 years with innovations that set the standard for our competitors.

Krohne is able to offer a wide range of flow and level, liquid analysis, pressure measurement devices. Flow measurement devices include electromagnetic, variable area, coriolis, ultrasonic, vortex flow meters, mechanical flow switches, orifice plates, orifice assemblies, venturi tubes, meter runs and straightening vanes. Level measurement devices include radar, electromagnetic pulsed, ultrasonic, vibrating fork, mechanical and pressure transmitters.

KROHNE offers commissioning, calibration and maintenance services. The company has proven experience and has gathered hands-on knowledge while working with many customers in different industries, including chemical, food and pharmaceutical, oil and gas, petro-chemistry, marine, water and wastewater, process automation, environmental engineering, biotechnologies, power generation and distribution as well as mechanical and plant engineering.