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General Lighting Sales cc. (G.L.S) was established as a lighting wholesale supplier nearly thirty years ago in 1988. We have directed our distribution efforts at the projects market while attending mainly to the Electrical Consulting sector. Being unrestricted to specific manufacturers, we have the freedom to provide a bigger general selection to the ranges of luminaires our clients may need.

As such we supply a full range of Lighting / Illumination equipment and requirements from most of the Established suppliers in RSA.

However, due to changing market conditions, we have had to revise our policy and have started attending to a broader structure - such as to the Architectural & Interior designing fraternity to promote our products.
Among our suppliers we list the following:
  • 'Actom / Genlux' - for streetlight luminaires and industrial fittings.
  • 'Ashur Industries' - for decorative outdoor luminaires and streetware poles.
  • 'Dita' - for their range of decorative bulkheads, well suited to Durban's conditions.
  • 'Hutz Lighting Technique' - for supply of hospital bedheads and ancillary equipment.
  • 'Energywise' / 'Lightnet' and various other suppliers - for specialist LED luminaires.
  • 'Magnitech / Superlume' - for their range of industrial highbays and floodlights.
  • 'Nordland' - for their corrosion proof and classified zones locally manufactured fixtures.
  • 'Philips' - for their specialist knowledge of stadium and sports lighting equipment.
  • 'Radiant' and 'Spazio' - for an exceptional economical range of decorative fittings.
  • 'Bergstrom / LAS-Margerlite' and various fluorescent luminaire suppliers.
  • 'Sectional Poles / KJM Poles' - for supply of poles and masts to the sporting fraternities.