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Virgin Paper Products

We supply our wide range of high quality paper products to cleaning companies, chain stores and wholesalers both nationally and in Africa.

We specialise in manufacturing toilet paper from 100% virgin pulp. While we do have a range of recycled paper products, our main focus is virgin paper products. All of our products are designed to fully meet your hygiene needs. We guarantee professional and speedy delivery at a very competitive price.
1 Ply Virgin Paper
Tissue Paper

Whether you choose Flutterby 1 Ply Virgin Paper or 1 Ply Semi Virgin, our quality toilet paper is soft and strong for that comfortable clean.
2 Ply Virgin Paper
Tissue Paper

Whether you choose Flutterby 2 Ply Virgin Paper or 2 Ply Semi Virgin, our quality toilet paper is soft and strong for that comfortable clean.
Recycled Toilet Paper
Tissue Paper

Most recycled toilet paper is made from PCR which is paper that was previously used in homes and offices (not used toilet paper!). It is then recycled as part of a recycling program rather than disposed of in a landfill.
Flutterby manufacture and distribute toilet paper, offering a range of toilet paper and tissue available in various grades to suit their client's requirements. The grades and quality of toilet paper available can be assessed by the various properties that make up the structure of toilet paper. The number of layers, referred to as ply, provides product strength and absorbance. Some toilet papers offer embossed, printed or quilted textures which not only enhance the decorative appearance of the toilet paper but also contribute to its softness. High-quality luxury toilet papers may also be manufactured with to contain perfume, anti-bacterial chemicals or a film of lotion or wax. Are you looking for toilet paper wholesale suppliers? Contact Flutterby, the specialist suppliers of toilet paper.
Our mission is to provide the public and business sectors with the best possible quality paper products for home or out of home use. We aim to achieve this through the constant development and acquisition of new machinery and processes, the expansion of our product line and the adherence to our core values.
Innovation: we are constantly striving to improve our market approach through co-operation with leading stakeholders, as well as improve our product quality through custom technological enhancements.
Efficiency: through the best use of a combination of state of the art technology and high-quality paper pulp sources, we aim to deliver high-quality products on time.
Accountability: each member of our team accepts personal responsibility to ensure we deliver the highest quality products and services.