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Bmg - Bearing Man Group - Power Transmissions, Geared Motors. Bearings, Belting - Ezee-Dex Online
BMG occupies a pivotal role in supporting the productivity and production targets of all Industrial, Manufacturing, Mining and Agricultural sectors of the economies in the countries it serves.

We have an enviable reputation as Africa's largest distributor, manufacturer and service provider of the highest quality engineering consumables and components; including:-
  • Bearings and seals.
  • Power transmission components.
  • Drives, motors and controllers.
  • Hydraulics, pneumatics and filtration.
  • Heavy and light duty materials handling.
  • Valves and lubrication.
  • Fasteners, gaskets and tools.
We have established support divisions which add an unrivalled depth of additional value to our customers. These include:
  • Technical resources - application engineering, design and troubleshooting.
  • Field services - mobile breakdown and maintenance support for all disciplines.
  • Predictive maintenance - reliability engineering and condition monitoring .
  • Academy of excellence - technical and commercial training for customers and staff.
  • Supply contract management - customer contract and on-site store administration.
  • Project engineering - project tendering and project supply management.
Established in 1974, BMG has expanded through both organic growth and strategic acquisition of complimentary disciplines. The best technical expertise has been attracted and added to the company's home grown talent. In-house accredited technical and commercial training fosters a culture of staff development and career advancement from within to ensure a sustainable future for the business.

The result is a company that reliably supplies and supports 70 000 customers in 15 countries with the widest range of industrial engineered products and expert services in the region.

BMG is a level 3 BEE contributor with ISO9001 Quality Assurance Certification. The health and safety of its employees and customers is a paramount focus and the company adheres to OHSAS18001 in this regard. BMG is also committed to environmental care and sustainability and strictly follows the ISO14001 charter.

As a key player in the Invicta Holdings stable, BMG has played a major part in Invicta's unique achievement of being rated in South Africa's Top 100 Companies for 21 consecutive years.

To summarise, BMG is perfectly positioned to deliver meaningful results to its customers, investors and shareholders.

The BMG circle is formed by the precise interlocking of three identical arcs, each representing a fundamental aspect of the BMG offering:


As a single, unified entity, we now make it easier and simpler for our customers to source the widest range of high quality brands. From the smallest fastener to the largest geared motor, customers know that they can rely on any and every component in the diverse BMG catalogue. Just as the whole is only strengthened by the sum of its parts, so too is BMG.


Our Academy of Excellence empower our staff with the expertise and insight needed to advise our customers on the component strategies best suited to their specific industry challenges. We are not merely in the business of delivering components. We strive to offer customer-focused solutions by:

o  Asking the right questions.
o  Considering the bigger picture.
o  Recommending components that will keep our customers machinery operating at an optimal level.



o  To offer one source of supply to the replacement, resale and OEM markets, through a network of strategically situated branches,
o  To ensure correct selection and operation of products, in the interests of striving for total customer satisfaction; to provide
     technical resources, design and advice services.
o  To deliver the correct component at the right time, from a large and comprehensive inventory of quality branded products to
     customers operating across the broad spectrum of industry.
o  To provide a 24-hour service throughout the year to satisfy the requirements of continuous process and multi-shift operations.


To source high quality products from manufacturers dedicated to excellence in design and production, with research and development facilities capable of meeting the demands of advanced technology.


o  To employ highly experienced and knowledgeable staff capable of serving the needs of our customers and their industry
o  To equip our staff with the necessary skills required to meet the future growth, market and service demands of BMG.
o  To treat BMGs most important asset, its employees, with the respect deserving of professionals in their field, acknowledging
     their capabilities and recognising their achievements.
o  To involve all employees in the achievement of the mission statement by creating a unified team concept.


Our vision is to be a powerful force in the engineering industry, providing superior technical solutions to our customers. This will be achieved through our leading brands of quality products and the best technical skills available. We strive to be a focused organisation of people and branches trained and dedicated to offering our customers brilliant service.


BMG is ISO 9001:2008 accredited, ensuring that all our activities conform to the highest assurance systems. As qality is of paramount importance, the management and employees of BMG are committed to complying with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2008 quality standard and shall strive to continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system.

BMG strives to exceed our valued customers expectations, by delivering on the three fundamental aspects of our brand: Quality Components, Technical Expertise and Superior Service.
ISO Accreditation

Since 2007, Black Empowerment partners have been invited to acquire a stake in Humulani Investments thereby ensuring BMG meets its BEE equity requirements. 20% of new ordinary shares in Humulani have been issued to aloeCap and 5% of new ordinary shares to the Staff Trust. This trust has been established in terms of the mandate given by BMGs shareholders for the benefit of black staff at BMG, as set out in the governments Broad Based BEE Codes of Good Practice.

BMG management is committed to the development and implementation of an integrated BEE strategy that aligns with company goals across all levels of business. This includes employment equity, skills development, socioeconomic development and enterprise development.
Proudly supplying a broad spectrum of industy with bearings ranging from giant steel mill bearings to miniature needle bearings. Over the years BMG has nurtured ongoing, well-established relationships with several globally recognised brands, making BMG the leading supplier in South Africa.

The BMG Seals Division boasts the widest range of superior quality seals on the continent serving a myriad of applications.

The BMG Power Transmission Division currently leads the Southern African market with some of the most powerful respected brands in the world. It continually sources innovative, cutting-edge products that deliver to our customers individual needs.

The BMG Drives Division offers an unparalleled range of industrial gearboxes and electric motors for all applications from mini-scale to enormous industrial and mining applications.

The BMG Belting Division is made up of several strategically located, specialist belting hubs, offering an innovative belting service to a diverse range of industries.

The BMG Fasteners Division, a leader in the South African fasteners market.

This division supplies filtration, seperation and purification producs and technologies to a range of industries including the petro-chemical, power generation and mining industries.

BMG leads the way in superior service, quality components and technical expertise through the new BMG Technical Resources Division, offering three key services to customers: design capability, on-site service and training.

Goldquest International Hydraulics is now trading as BMG Hydraulics, a market force in hydraulic engineering.