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ABB Process Instrumentation
  • Flowmeter measurement products.
  • Level measurement products.
  • Positioners.
  • Pressure measurement.
  • Recorders and controllers.

Speed sensors
  • Speed sensors active hall effect.
  • Rh series: zero velocity magnetic hall effect sensors.
  • Dh series: zero velocity magnetic hall effect sensors.
  • Passive speed sensor selection guide.
  • Tachometers.
  • Accessories.

ASM Position Feedback Sensors
  • Position sensors.
  • Angle sensors.
  • Inclination sensors.

  • Baxcell Process fittings, Valves and Manifolds
    • Valve manifolds.
    • Ball valves.
    • Check valves.
    • Needle valves.
    • Condensate pots seal pot.
    • Sampling cylinders.
    • Baxlok twin ferrule fittings.
    • Tube to union fittings.
    • Tube to male fitting tube to female fitting components.

    C-Star Universal Type Pressure Transducers
    • Pressure switches.
    • Level transmitters.
    • Smart transmitters.
    • Pressure switches.
    • Transmitter accessories.

    Castell Interlocking Systems
    • Mechanical bolt interlocks.
    • Control power isolation interlocks.
    • Main power isolation interlocks.
    • Access interlocks.
    • Solenoid controlled interlocks.
    • Time delay and motion sensing units.
    • Valve interlocks.
    • Key exchange units.
    • Keys and caps.

    Fema Pressure and Temperature Switches
    • Pressure switches.
    • Pressure transmitters.
    • Thermostats.
    • Temperature transmitters / sensors.
    • Flow monitors.
    • Solenoid valves.

    Flowline Liquids and Solids Level Transmitters
    • Level transmitters.
    • Level switches.
    • Controllers and indicators.
    • Fittings and enclosures.
    • Parts and accessories.

    Fife Guiding Systems
    • Guiding systems.
    • Sensors.
    • Offset pivot web-guides.
    • Steering guide systems.
    • Actuators.

    Coating Thickness Measuring Gauges
    • Ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
    • Paper and board process lines.

    Honeywell Sensing and Control
    • Safety switches.
    • Machine safety switches.
    • Operator control meters and controls.
    • Test and measure sensors.
    • Aerospace and defense products.
    • Wireless control.

    KBK Coupling Systems
    • Metal bellow couplings.
    • Servo insert couplings.
    • Spider elements couplings type KBE.

    STI Heavy Duty Mechanical Interlocks
    • Systems for switchgear and machinery.

    Polytec Laser Velocity Sensors
    • LSV laser distance and speed sensors.

    Power Cylinder Products
    Kent Power Cylinders
    • Heavy duty pneumatic cylinders, positioners, service kits.

    Tekon Temperature and Humidity Transmitters
    • Transmitters.
    • Process controllers.
    • Sensors.

    Transducers Direct
    Process Instrumentation
    • Melt pressure transmitters.
    • LVDT's feedback sensors.

    Turtle Tough Sensors
    Harsh Liquid Analysers
    • Sensors and analysers for Ph and Orp, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, chlorine, turbidity.

    Micronor Fibre Optic Systems
    • Electro-mechanical sensors.
    • Fibre optical sensors.
    • Special solutions and OEM products.
    • Geared cam limit switches.
    • Motor potentiometers.
    • Resolvers and feedback units.
    • Time and sequence controllers.
    • Display devices and data loggers.

    Yudian Process and Temperature Controllers
    • Totalisers, indicators, HMI's converters, solid state relays, calibrators.