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  Ambi-Lube SA was established in 2002 by Eric Van Eyssen, and has been awarded distribution rights for the Southern African region. Ambi-Lube SA are suppliers and importers of automatic lubricators. The company provides a lubrication application service to industries which includes the sale of single point automatic lubricators, plant surveys, installation of lubricators and accessories, maintenance services, monthly lubrication point inspections, and comprehensive inspection reports.

Additional Products:
  • Bearing puller kits.
  • Bearing fitting tool kit.
  • Induction heaters.
Our Services include:

Plant survey: To determine number of points and associated pertinent information.
Dial settings: To ensure correct lubrication of components.
Proposal: Allows you to decide what points to automatically lubricate.
Installation: Ensures lubricators are installed appropriately and the dispensing rate is set.
Monthly inspections: Allow us to inspect each point and ensure it is being correctly lubricated.
Inspections reports: Provide your company with information on the performance of the lubricators.

Basic services offered by Ambilube (SA):
  • Job card is issued with blank survey report sheet.
  • On site survey is carried out in conjunction with one of your staff members.
  • The survey is then sent to the office where the correct setting is determined by the Simalube setting program.
  • A monthly report is forwarded to the relevant personnel.
  • Refilling of lubricators is carried out by Ambilube, utilising the lubricant currently utilised onsite, once order number for refill cartridges is obtained.
Simatec automatic single point lubricator:

The simalube automatic lubricator consists of a transparent housing with a piston and with a coloured bottom in the shape of a funnel. This assembly is waterproof. The housing is filled with 30ml, 60ml, 125ml and 250ml lubricant (grease/oil) and has a three-part label on the outside. The cartridge is screwed into the housing to create a gas-tight seal and consists of a two-part PET housing containing two gas cells, a bent washer, a metal washer and a resistor.

The piston is driven by the pressure created by the hydrogen gas cells. Gas production is initiated by switching on the lubricator (turning the adjustment disk) and can be interrupted at any time by switching it off. The gas cells are dry cells based on commercial zinc/air button cells.
Simatool Simatherm Simalube